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The Minos Wallpaper

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The Dihoma army is infamous for having a fighting force unlike anything on Tikor - a massive arm of the military that houses only female warriors. A collection of some of the most fearsome and disciplined fighters in the world, the Minos. The earliest stories say that before the formation of the Divine Order of the Phoenix, the military unit was formed by the current king of Dihoma. The King had heard tales of a group of spectacular big game hunters with unparalleled skill.  What she saw impressed her to the point where the unit was formed the very next day. 

Minos serve as an example of Dihomian pride, might and why they are to be feared. The all-woman detachment is taught in various disciplines of combat, weaponry and field tactics. Though over the years the group has become particularly well suited at ranged weapons. The Azurean fueled Justifiers for instance, is standard equipment for any Minos. While they have become largely known as ace shots since its introduction, most Minos still master hand to hand combat and numerous weapons over time.

Starting from a young age, these girls are subjected to intense combat training. A training so brutal it leaves most numb to pain, something that would become a legendary feature for the band of sisters. 


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